About Us

JQ Deals are a team of technology driven savvy shoppers and deal finding experts that scours the web every day finding you the best deals from major brands in just about any category you can think of.  Our team of deal finding experts have a deep experience and category knowledge. We knew there were and easier and smarter way to shop whether it be online or in stores.  With that in mind, we’ve created technologies to help make you the smartest shopper out there.  We take things to the next level by using our own proprietary location-based marketing concept utilizing geofence technologies to alert you when you are out in the real-world shopping and you are near a great deal or where coupons are available.

Do you have a friend that is always getting the best deals on just about anything and you wonder how they always do it?  Well those friends of yours put in the time searching while figuring out where and how to get their hands on the best deal.  Now imagine having an entire team like that friend putting in the time every day presenting you with the best deals and coupons available.  JQ Deals strive to make your shopping experience more enjoyable and smarter by taking all the work out, making your life much easier and keep your wallet thicker. 

Just imagine driving into the parking lot of your favorite retailer or a store that you’ve never been to…. And bam, your smartphone receives and alert from JQ Deals presenting you with the best deals and coupons available at that given retailer and others nearby.  Think of the possibilities…

JQ Deals doesn’t sell anything.  We simply do what it takes to provide you with the best deals and hottest products from the top stores nationwide.  Then we send them to your smartphone when you are out and about shopping and nearby some great deals.  Our site and app are searchable.  So, when you are ready to buy just about ANYTHING, search our site or app first and you will be surprised of all the great deals out there for almost any given product.

Download the app.  We promise you’re going to love it!